Love Happens

Burke is a famous writer of the ‘A-Okay’-book, which is a self-help method for mourning. Burke lost his wife three years ago and as a way of getting through the mourning process, he wrote this book. He goes to Seattle to give seminars, to promote his book, and to make a deal with television producers. Then he meets Eloise; a fun, yet little messed-up, woman who is capable of getting his attention. They start off on the wrong foot, but he does not give up easily. He sees the real her. Just like she sees the real him: a guy who is not over his wife’s death yet. All Burke is doing is helping other people to face their sadness and pain while he himself is hiding for his own grief. He knows so well what to do, but does not seem able to actually do it. Eloise opens his eyes, but he does not like what he sees. Will he be able to accept his sorrow and start mourning? And will Burke give Eloise a chance?

Love Happens is a wonderful romantic drama with times to smile, but it also has moments on which tears might have to be wiped away. All in all, a movie worth watching!

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