Outcome of the poll #8

Hi Girls!

You alle voted the last 2 weeks on the poll ‘I would love to be…’
37% of you girls would love to be a singer! I can imagine, that would just be awesome to be a great singer!:)
Second is famous with 25% of all votes. Being famous and being in the magazines all the time is just so cool. Imagine that you are as famous as Justin Bieber, how cool would that be?!:)
16% of you would love to be an actress and play in all kinds of movies. 10% would love to be a great dancer and 9% want to be popular at school, be the most loved person in your school:) Only 3% of you girls would love to be smart, well I think it would be cool if you are smart. You can achieve a lot when you are smart!

Well, here’s the outcome:

Don’t forget to vote on the poll of this week! ‘You see Justin Bieber ice skating. What do you do?’;)

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2 Responses

little miss cherry

December 24, 2010 at 9:06 pm

Almost everyone smart


December 17, 2012 at 6:56 am

It’s been documented that in the two winets prior to this (’10-’11) Puget Sound region got something like 10 percent of the normal amount of sunlight!Diabetes and other Vitamin D deficiencies, normally high here, must be rampant.However, this season, just by my reckoning, has been a bit better. There have been days and even stretches of days where there was sunshine over the winter contrasted to the winters where there was nearly no sun at all!Things are getting warmer and sunnier. I brought my portable A/C out to test it out this summer could be muggy. Next year, we’re back to global warming the kind of hot summers we had in 2005-2006.

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