Move Over Jackie Evancho!

There’s a rival popping up for Jackie Evancho. Do you remember her? She’s the girl that blew away the judges of America’s got Talent, and the whole of America with that.

This weekend the new edition of Holland’s got Talent started, and it started good! There came a little girl on stage, and she said she was going to sing some opera. The jugdge even asked if he had to put in some earplugs ;)

Well that he didn’t have to! The girl sang amazing, and the most wonderful thing is that she never had singing lessons! She taught this all to herself, just by looking at YouTube videos and repeating those songs.

Listen to her singing below!


The singing brought the little girl a Golden Ticket, which means she can go straight through to the live shows! She later said: ‘I thought: If I wake up this morning, it didn’t happen.’ Luckily for her, it did happen, and she is probably going to make a lot of happy listeners! According to her mom, Amira used to go to church with her father when she was a baby, and she lay next to the organ when he played. Maybe that’s where she got her talent!


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November 28, 2013 at 6:17 am

oh my gosh!!!! I showed my mom and granny and we all were about to faint!! I know where her gift came from! straight from God baby!!! straight from the Lord Himself!!!!! JESUS LOVES YOU!!!! :)

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