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At days like this, when the sun is shining and you can smell the summer coming up, I cannot wait to go on a summer holiday and only dream of bikinis, a big blue sea, and white beaches. I imagine that I am wearing skirts, t-shirts and flip-flops and I can almost smell the sun lotion. Oh, how I love the summer! One of the greatest things about going on a holiday is that you can really look forward to it ;). Where to go? Can you help me (and perhaps others) out? I will share some of my ‘traveling knowledge’ with you.


Last summer, I went to Sardinia with one of my best friends. We had a great, great time :)! It was lovely weather all day, the beaches were white, the sea was bright blue, and the atmosphere was absolutely fantastic. For all of you who want to go on a holiday with some partying but who want to avoid lots of tourists and places overfull of people, this is a great island to go to.


France is a great and diverse country. The food is great, the culture (such as in Paris) is famous, and the nature (nice beaches) is great for a relaxing and fun holiday.


Italy is also a diverse country. It has huge, impressive cities (such as Rome) and, at the same time, it also offers enough possibilities for a beach holiday.


I have only been to London, and I have to say that that is a great city. Enough sightseeing for a couple of days, and do not forget the Topshop ;).

What place have you been to¬†that is absolutely worth going to? Please share…

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May 29, 2010 at 6:09 am

i am going to san antoniobwith my family.and i can`t wait to go to the childrens muesem and the buffa`s and go to SEA WOLRD. and then i am going to the library to do activities and then every week me and my big sister are going to go places once week to go buy things like going to the mall and going to barnes and noble and go to my mom`s work and go out to eat my mom and my big sister then i am going to a new school and it is going to be thhe best school i ever go to! ;) :)

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