Outcome of the Poll #30!

Hi girls!
You’ve all been voting on our latest poll, about how you will dress up this halloween! Well, today it’s the day, has everybody made his mind up yet?

21 girls will dress up like a ghost this year… So don’t be afraid when you see one walking down your street!
25 girls are going to look like a pumpkin! It must be fun to see a lot of pumpkins wandering down the streets ;)

There will be 31 wherewolfes out there tonight! Make sure they don’t bite you! I don’t think it’ll feel so nice..

Watch out that you don’t get a spell on you tonight! Because there are a lot of witches out there tonight! Just smile to them and maybe they’ll leave you alone.. And if not, bring some garlick with you, they hate the smell of garlick!

There will also be 82 zombies on the road tonight, but please don’t kill them, I doubt they want anything more then candy from you!

148 lovely princesses will cover the streets tonight! They don’t look scary, but please give them what they ask for, else they send their guards out to claim you head!

But the thing you have to be most carefull for are the vampires… 256 of them will fly over the streets! Be carefull and don’t let them find your neck or you’ll be one of them for the rest of your life!

Have a happy halloween everybody! And don’t forget to vote on our new poll!

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October 6, 2016 at 7:49 pm

So cool

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