An Evening Outside with Friends

During the summer, the days are longer and the evenings are warmer. This means that you can spend an evening outside with your friends. What is most fun to do?


This is a good start when you all come together around dinner time. With some meat, salads and bread, your barbecue will be yummy. But be a little careful: don’t play with fire ;).


When it is getting later and darker, it mostly gets colder. Then it is time to light a fire. Do not do this without adult supervision (or permission).


Clean some small (wooden) sticks and/or wrap some aluminium foil around the end. Now you can spit the marshmellows to your stick and hold it close to (not in) the fire, so the marshmellows will get soft. You can eat them just like that or in between of two biscuits.

Baking Bread

Instead of making marshmellows, you can also bake bread around a campfire. Simply use the same stick as with the marshmellows and put a small chunk of bread dough on it. Then hold it close to the fire till it is done and eat it with some butter and sugar.

Stories and Music

To enhance the special atmosphere of around the campfire, you could tell (ghost) stories, make music and sing, or play games like ‘truth or dare’.

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