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November 12, 2012 at 8:57 am

You people with your robot like blind dvoetion to TC, it’s pathetic. WHY on earth would you bash Brad and AJ for donating 4.1 million dollars to a charity? I mean WHY, can someone just come forward and explain why you believe this is a bad thing???Anna, can I just say you are a terrible spokesperson for the TomKat crowd. You fail at making any kind of point.The money has nothing to do with it, it’s about making the right choices.One couple took control of the media, and donated 4.1 million dollars to charity.The other couple did a 22 page spread, and the only people to profit from that was Vanity Fair.You mention AJ living off Brad .uuummm, and what has Katie been doing?Your completely IDIOTIC comment about posing for pictures, are you KIDDING?? Would you like to comment on the THOUSANDS of posed pictures the two media whores posed for on a daily basis if not twice a day FOR MONTHS at something as private as their childrens sporting events?????? Please, share with me how that’s somehow better than what anyone else does? You make NO SENSE with your hateful ramblings!!!Would you also like to comment on how T&K whored out Suri at their wedding? The first public pictures at that media circus PLEASE!!! They keep the baby hidden for months saying loud noises aren’t good for babies, they’re afraid of the paparazzi, they’re keeping her safe and then they expose her to THOUSANDS of photographers and paps, and flash bulbs at their wedding!!!!!HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!And lastly, I’d like one of you rabid TC fans to answer this question for me, although I’m pretty damn sure I won’t get an answer.How do you feel about Tom Cruise leaving Nicole Kidman FOR NO APPARENT REASON mere months after she had miscarried his supposed FIRST biological child NOT COINCIDENTALLY right before he would have had to honor the payoff of their 10 year marriage contract was due to be up????Answers .anyone???

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