Thumbelina: find the differences

Hi girls!
Have you played one of our latest games already? It’s another fairytale, this time about little Thumbelina! The game is called Thumbelina: find the differences and it is really fun to play!
You can decide how hard you want the game to play, because you can play without a time limit or with one, and you can even choose if you want to play the hard, medium or easy mode!


This is the first screen you’ll see, you can decide how hard you want to play the game! If you need some practice first you can play without a time limit, and if you’re already a pro, play the hard mode with the time challenge! Good luck!


With every picture there is a little part of the story. It starts with chapter one, where you get introduced to the story. So even if you have never heard of Thumbelina, you will get to know her during this game!


Now it’s time to start looking for differences! Can you find them all? For every difference you find you’ll get some points! Try to get the highest score!



If you really cannot find the differences, you get 5 keys, which you can use to locate the differences. But be carefull! You only have 5 keys, but there are 10 different levels!

Challenge your friends with this game and see who can get the highest score!

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