Tessa’s masquerade

Hi girls!
We once have a new game for you to play! It’s called Tessa’s Masquerade and it brings you back to Venice. Because there’s no better place to celebrate carnival!

This city’s known for its great annual carnival feasts. Great costumes and beautiful masks make the feasts a happening that you won’t easily forget. Has one of you girls ever been to Venice? I have, but sadly not during the carnival. I hear it’s so much fun and really wonderful to see all the people in their lovely dresses and suits!

In this new game you can help 4 different people to dress up for the Venice carnival!



You can for example choose this guy. Give him a nice haircut, change the color of his skin, make his eyes pop out and give him a nice smile!


If you choose a girl to make over, you can also choose a nice hairstyle, some beautiful eyes, give their face a nice form and make them as beautiful as possible!


Once you’ve finished with the face of the boy, you can pick out a nice suit for him. Change the design of the fabric, and make him the best dressed guy at the party!
You can also pick out a nice mask and hat, so no one will regocnize him.


The girls need ofcourse beautiful dresses! You have lots of different dresses to choose from! Which dress is your favorite?


Once you’ve dressed them all, you will see the four together. You can change the background of this scene, add some colorfull balloons, just make the place look like a party!



Once you’ve finished the game you can save a picture, so you can show your creation to your friends or to your mom. I bet they will love it!

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April 30, 2013 at 6:30 am

Horible I thinks you should never play it.

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