Tessa’s Cup Cakes!

Hi girls!
We have a new and fun game for you to play!
It is called ‘Tessa’s Cup Cakes‘ and it is a cooking game. Who doesn’t love some delicious cup cakes? Well I sure do, and this is a really good recipe for them! Ask your mum or your dad if you can make them for yourself, but first try this game to make sure you know what you are doing!


First thing you will learn is the grocery list. But don’t worry writing it all down, if you have finished the game you will be able to print the complete list! That way you can bring it with you and don’t forget a thing when you’re in the grocery store :D


You will also learn how to mix all the ingredients together. Can you make the best mixture?


Once you’ve put the mixture in the baking tin you have to place them in the oven. In the oven they will become those lovely cakes we all love to eat :)


When the cupcakes are done, they sure do need some icing! After every cupcake has a little bit of icing, you need to sprinkle some candy on top! You can choose every sort of candy, but you can also choose fruit or crushed cookies!

You can also download this game from the appstore and the google play store to play it on your phone!

After you’ve played this game there are lots of other games to find at mary.com!

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