Tessa’s cooking Zuccotto

Hi girls!
There is a new and fun game at our website! Have you played it yet? The game is called Tessa’s cooking Zuccotto, and it teaches you how to bake a really nice Zuccotto!

I really want to try to make it one day, and I think if you ask your mum, she will love to help you cook one for yourself! The game teaches you step for step what you have to do.


First you see what ingredients you need to make this cake. You can get all of these in the supermarket, so go ahead and find them!


The game also shows you how to cut the chocolate. Who doesn’t love a piece of dark heavenly chocolate!? I sure would eat most of the chocolate before it ends up in the cake ;)




For this cake you also need hazelnuts and cherries. Doesn’t that sound delicous? You have to fold them into the whipped cream really carefull.



Once you have almost finished the cake, you have to sprinkle some cocao dust and sugar dust on top of the Zuccotto. That is really the finishing touch of the cake. After that, you can start eating it!

Don’t you want to try out this cake right now? I sure do! Try to score a high score, show your mom, and then she won’t have any problems with you trying to bake the cake in real life!

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Have fun!

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