Tessa’s Cooking Kebab

Hi girls!
I’ve got another fun to play game for you! It is a cooking game, and Tessa will learn you how to make a delicous kebab! The game is called Tessa’s Cooking Kebab.

You can get a highscore in this game! If you make the most delicous kebab, you’ll get a nice gold medal and you can impress your friends! I think you should try to make this dish for real and enjoy it together with your friends :)


When the game starts, you get to see the ingredients. You can even print them out, so you can go to the store and buy all the ingredients you need to make this delicious meal.


You have to cut all the fresh ingredients, but be carefull! You don’t want to slice your fingers! Can you make the straightest cuts?


After all the ingredients are prepared, you just have to mix everything together. This way you’ll get a nice mixture for your kebab! Don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards, else it will ruin your nails!



Last but not least, you cook the kebab skewers. You have to be really precize about the timing! If you cook them too long they will burn, and if you cook them too short you can’t eat them!

I hope you enjoy this delicious recipe! Impress your friends with your amazing cooking skills!

And for all girls who don’t love to cook, there are lots of other games at mary.com!

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