Princess: find the differences

Hi girls!
I’ve got another fun game for you girls to play, it’s called Princess: Find the Differences!
As you probably can guess, this game is all about finding differences between two pictures.
But in these pictures are some lovely ladies, actually, they are princesses! They wear beautiful clothes, and some of them are followed around by the most colorfull birds!

The first thing you have to do, is to choose if you want to play the easy mode, the medium mode, or the hard mode. The most fun mode is of course the hard mode, it’s a real challenge to finish in that mode!


Once you’ve chosen the mode you want to play the game in, the first picture pops up. Can you find all the differences? I’ll give you two hints: The bird and the flower in her hand!


Once you’ve finished one level, you go to the next. Some lovely flowers will cross your screen, don’t they look wonderful?


In every picture is a beautiful and clever princes, but they try to trick you with their clotes, because some of the differences are not in the front, but in the background!


Can you find all the differences? Click the link above and try the game out for yourself! Play it together with your friends, and see who needs a pair of glasses, and who is the best in finding differences!

And for all the girls that don’t really like these sorts of games, there still are a lot of other games on our website,!

I hope you girls have a lot of fun playing games!

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