Pinocchio Hidden Objects

Hi girls!
Every week we try to create a new and fun game for you to play and this week is no different from the last weeks! Do you like fairy tales? I love fairy tales, one of my favorites is the story about Pinocchio! And I am in luck this week! Our newest game is called: ‘Pinocchio Hidden Objects‘, and as you can see in the name, it’s about a favorite fairy tale of mine!


After you choose the difficulty settings you can start playing the game! Every level starts out with a short telling of Pinocchio’s story.


In every level there’s a couple of items you need to find before the time runs out! And watch out for misclicks, those will take away time from the counter!


Every level tells a different part of the story. Do you know what part of Pinocchio’s story belongs to this picture? Oh, before I forget, if you have trouble finding all the items you can always click the ‘hint’ button! Once you’ve clicked it, you’ll have 60 seconds left to find all the other items, so use the button wisely!



As you can see, every level gets harder with smaller items and lots of different objects to mess with your mind! Can you find all the items before the time runs out?

This is a highscore game! So try your hardest and claim the highest score @!

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