Mary’s Manicure

Hi girls!
Did you like our last game, Halloween Dress Up? Then you will certainly love our newest game ‘Mary’s Manicure‘! In this game you are a nail stylist, and you have to take care of a beautiful pair of hands. But of course, they aren’t beautiful yet at the start of the game! It is your job to clean them and take good care of them with oils and other luxuries.


You can choose whether you want to work with Gel nails or Micro bead nails. Micro beads are kind of new, so I decided to go with those!


You have to clean the nails first and take good care of them. Once you’ve done that, you can start putting some polish on them! This is quite hard to do, so take your time! You can use all colors there are, even on top of one another! This way you can create some beautiful nail art!


Once you’ve put the color on, you can start adding the micro beads. You can choose between pre-made designs, or color these designs afterwards with beads you love even beter!


Once the nails are done, you can give both hands some beautiful rings. 


When you are finished, you are able to print out a lovely picture of your creation! Take this creation with you when you go to the real manicure, maybe she can recreate them for you!

Have fun playing this game, but don’t forget to play our other games @!



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