Happy Baby Coloring

Hi girls!
Today I have a game for you about babies. Who doesn’t love those little cuties? I sure do :) The game is called ‘Happy Baby Coloring‘. As you can see, in the game you have to color in a picture of a baby. But this game isn’t a normal coloring game! You can create your own drawing!


First you can choose a baby. Which baby do you think is the cutest? You can choose from 10 different babies!


You can also pick out a nice background. Does your baby need to go to bed? Or can he play in the living room? You can move the baby around in the room. Don’t forget to add some nice teddy bears and other items! You can move these items around as well!


When you are reading with placing all the items in the room you can start giving color to your creation. Use the brush to fill the picture. You can choose from many different colors and even create your own unique colors!



You should try the pencil as well. With the pencil you can create what ever you want! You could even choose for a clear background to create your own!

When you are ready you can save this creation on your computer. Show it to your family and friends and dare them to create their version!

When you’re done playing this game, snoop around @ mary.com for lots of other fun games!

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April 30, 2016 at 12:13 am

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