Hansel and Gretel, find the differences!

Hi girls!
Have you played this fun game yet? It is called “Hansel and Gretel, find the differences.
In this game you will learn the story of Hansel and Gretel. They live at the edge of a dark forest with their father and stepmother. The family is very poor and they’re often hungry. Hansel’s and Gretel’s parents decide to take the kids into the woods so that they’ll get lost, because there’s no food left for them anymore. This is where the game starts.


At the start you have to set a difficulty for the game. If you are very good at finding differences, you can choose the hardest mode. In this mode you have to find 9 differences!
You can also choose to play the game with a timer or without the timer. If you play with the timer you can get a higher score!


In every level you get to see two pictures. Although they look the same, there are lots of differences between the two pictures! Can you find them all? You get 20 points for each difference you find. Make sure not to misclick, because that will cost you 5 points!


After every level you get to know more about the story. You really need to play all the levels, because else Hansel and Gretel will never find their parents again!3 

If you need a little help finding a difference you just can’t find, you can click at the bottom on the candy icon. If you click it, it will show a difference, so you don’t have to search anymore. But be carefull! You only get 5 helping candy’s throughout the whole game!

This game is a highscore game, so make sure you are logged in to claim a spot in the highscore list!

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