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The vacation season has started in hamster country! The hamsters like to spend their holidays in a luxury hotel. They go there with the whole family and want to be served hand and foot. This means that the hotel employees are quite busy with all those demanding guests. The hamsters call for food and drinks, they complain when you serve their ordered food too late… so you’ll have to work hard to keep them satisfied. If you do this right, you’ll earn enough to pass on to the next level of this hotel game, and you’ll also receive extra stars in the level. In each level new hotel rooms are added: this means you’ll have to take care of more hamster families. The more rooms and hamster families your hotel has, the more you can earn. Show your friends on Facebook how good you are at playing this hamster hotel game!


Max is the owner of the hotel. He loves his job and can’t wait to attract lots of customers!


You have to help Max and his employees to keep the guests happy. Serve them coffee, deliver their luggage, and clean their room when they ask for it!


If you keep the guests happy you’ll get a nice amount of tips when they leave! With this money you can expand your hotel.


Update the bottom floor, make the rooms more beautiful, buy a bigger coffee machine and hire a better cook! Your guests will tell all their friends what a lovely hotel you run!


You can buy more rooms upstairs! This way you can get a lot more customers and make more money. Don’t forget, if you let the guests wait, you earn a lot less money to expand your hotel!



Of course you earn medals in the end. Can you make all your guests happy? Share your scores on Facebook and challenge your friends!

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