Dog Hotel

Hi girls!
Do you like dogs? I think most of you girls do… I like them anyways :)
In this video you can learn how to play “Dog Hotel”. I think it’s a very fun game, but sometimes it can be pretty hard!

You have to help the little dogs with everything, the dogs will adore you if you take good care of them! This means that you’ll have to play with them, give them something to eat and drink at the right moment, and take them out when they need to make a number one or two! If you do everything right, you’ll pass on to the next level and receive a bonus! If things go too fast for you, you can always replay the level to increase your score. In each level there’s an extra dog staying in the dog hotel. There will also be more employees that will help you with all these dogs!

You can watch the walkthrough here, and click on “Dog Hotel” if you want to play the game!


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