Decorate Safari Park!

Hi girls!
Have you checked out our newest game ‘Decorate Safari Park‘ yet?
This game will take you to the safari in Africa! It’s just like you are there :) What animals would you love to see? There are lots of animals to choose from!


First you will need to choose a landscape. There are four different views to choose from, one with a river, one with a waterfall, and two with a wide field.


Once you’ve chosen your favorite landscape, you can start filling it up! On the right side there is a bar with all sorts of animals to choose from. What animals would love to be near or in the water?


You can also place humans in your terrain. I’ve put an old man in there, to give him a chance to see all of his favorite animals!
There is also a possibility to resize the animals. Just use the plus or the minus symbols!


Can you imagine yourself sitting in that safari-Jeep? I sure can! I’ve also added a couple of nice trees in this terrain, so the animals can hide between the branches, or seek shadow to get out of the heat of the sun!

Once you’re done with your terrain you can save a picture!
Show it to your parents, and who knows, maybe they will once take you to see your fantasy!

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ana wonderland

August 14, 2013 at 3:44 pm

hello what happen i want to play this game decorate safari park

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