Baby: find the differences

Hi girls!
Have you played our latest game? If you love babies, then you’ll sure love this game!
It’s called Baby: find the differences,  and it’s again a find the differences game. You can challenge your friends again!

If you are really fast, you’ll get a nice high score!


When you start the game you can choose if you want to play the easy mode, the medium mode or the hard mode. In the hard mode you can obtain the highest score, but it’s of course a lot harder to complete!



The baby is playing with his friends. One of his best friends is his little dog, the dog takes care of the baby and loves to play with him!




Baby is also a fan of the beach! He is making a lovely sandcastle! I always like to make sandcastles when I’m on the beach, how about you girls?


The baby takes you with him into his dreams. He sleeps inside a beautiful flower, together with his Teddy.

Try and see if you can get a high score!
Have fun playing this game, and our other games at!





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