Alice in Wonderland: differences

In this fun game Alice plays the leading role. Alice is sitting on a bench with her sister, and she’s really rather bored. Suddenly, a white rabbit hops passes, checking its watch and lamenting that it is going to be late. Alice follows the rabbit down a hole, but by doing that, she enters a fantastical world.

Alice in Wonderland is a fun game, in which you have to find the differences between two pictures.


The game will tell you the story of Alice, the little girl who entered the world of the Queen of Hearts. All kinds of strange things happen to Alice, and your goal is to get her back to her sister, so she is save.


When she enters the rabbithole, she finds a room with a posion that tells her to drink it. When she drinks the posion, she starts to shrink! This way she can enter a small door in the corner of the room.


When Alice enters the door, the first thing she sees is a huge caterpillar smoking a hookah. He tells her he has seen the white rabbit and guides her in the right direction.


After a while Alice finds the Queen of Hearts, but the Queen doesn’t trust Alice, so you have to be quick and find all the differences so Alice can escape!

You can play this game in 3 modes, the easy mode, the medium mode and the hard mode. You can also decide wether you want to play the game with a timer, which makes it even harder, or without the timer, so you can sit back and relax while you find all the differences!

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May 4, 2013 at 10:52 am

this it so funny

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