What To Wear This Summer, Part 3

And here is the last part of the summer-trend top 10. Enjoy the summer ;)!

7. Military Look

This summer the army is back! In fashion from famous designers, such as Louis Vuitton, the inspiration of the army is clearly visible. Jackets with sturdy buttons, epaullettes, and the well-known olive green colour of the army are hot. But also jackets with a military look (as in the picture on the right) are a real fashion item. Be aware of the fact that this rather masculine look asks for compension of feminine elements, such as a womanly top or womanly shoes.

8. Mixing Prints

Even though it was always said to be ‘not done’, prints can be mixed this summer. Stripes with a floral pattern, two different floral designs, or checked with some other print no longer seem to clash. Many designers take the guess of mixing prints and the results can be great. However, it is questionable whether the people¬†around you¬†get it.

9. Show your lingerie

This trend seems fairly odd, but it is basically what Madonna already did many years ago. Yet, now it does not mean that you only have to wear a bra, but you can wear a see-through top over it. But, just like with the trend above, it is questionable whether the people around you see it as fashionable… Perhaps it is a good idea to soften this trend and wear a see-through dress or tunic over your bikini, which gives a really nice effect ;).

10. Ruches and Drapes

The last trend for this summer is quite feminine: ruches and drapes. It can also become quite frumpy, so do not overuse it and use the right accessories. If you want to know how to handle this look (or one of the others), simply try to find some pictures of the shows of famous designers on the internet or leaf through some fashion magazines.

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