What to Wear This Summer, Part 2

With the summer coming up, it is time to enjoy the weather in a fashionable way. Therefore, below part 2 of the top 10 of trends for the summer of 2010.

4. Sexy Shorts

This summer, shorts are a hot item. They are seen on about every catwalk in all sorts and shapes. This item varies from sexy tight hotpants in all sorts of fabric (of which leather is very hot; unfortunately, not only figuratively but also literally in the summer :S) to wider shorts with a belt. Shorts can also have funny prints this summer. Show those legs!

5. White

White is always a good colour during the summer since it reflects the sunlight, which makes your day less hot, and it does not show any signs of transpiration. This summer, white can be worn a lot: entire outfits in white are seen on the catwalks. A plus of this colour it that it contrasts beautifully with a tanned skin, which means that you will look even more tanned. But be aware of the opposite effect: too white a skin in combination with a white outfit can make you look very pale.

6. Breton Stripes

No summer is complete without the famous Breton stripes. Coco Chanel made the traditional fisherman’s shirt a musthave fashion item already before WW II. Since then it has never been out of fashion and Jean-Paul Gaultier even made this famous print his hallmark. The Breton stripes can be worn in blue-white or black-white as shirt, top, or dress.

To be continued…

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June 3, 2010 at 1:26 pm

this is very very good and cool !!!!!!!!

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