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The summer is almost here, so it is time to enjoy the sun and to swim :)! Whereas some people love to wear a bikini, others feel a little less secure when wearing so less clothes. Either way, there is one thing we all want: to look at our best. Not every bikini will flatter your figure equally. Therefore, I have made a little ‘manual’ for choosing the perfect bikini.



This top is a good one for everybody who wants to look a little broader on top, but it also works for people with smaller breasts. You can wear them strapless or with straps (for a securer hold).


A triangle top is best for people with small to average-sized breasts considering that they do not offer much support and coverage.


This top is suitable for people who have bigger breasts, for it offers support and it shows some (not, like triangle tops, too much) cleavage.


This is a good kind of top for everyone who wants to hide a bit of belly, but is still has a bit of the illusion of a bikini. Make sure the top is long enough to cover (most of) your belly. If the top is not padded, this is not a very good top for people with smaller breasts.



This type of bottom is suitable for everyone, but in case of small(er) hips there are more flattering bottoms.


The good thing about these bottoms is that you can adjust them to the size of your hips. The ties at the side do accentuate your hips, so it is a less flattering option for curvy women.


These kinds of bottoms most certainly do not flatter everyone’s figure. They are not the best option for people with short legs, for it only makes you look shorter. And neither do they do any good for bigger hips. So when you are tall, you can wear them and when you feel as if you do not have a lot of hip, this is a good bottom for you as well.


This small bikini bottom is only suitable for people with small hips, for the hips will otherwise look curvier in comparison to this small piece of fabric. Be aware that this bottom accentuates a V-shaped silhouette (‘body builder body’) when you have broad shoulders.

Other Bathing Outfits


This one-piece bathing suit is a sort of mixture of a bikini and a normal bathing suit. There are many sorts and shapes, but only wear one that fits well (both in the width and in the length). Because most of them have cut-outs, these are not very suitable for someone with a plus size.


For everyone who rather goes for safe and more coverage, the bathing suit is a good alternative. It does not only cover up parts of your body you might prefer not to show, but it is also a good outfit to perform in. If you are quite an active swimmer, it might be a lot handier to wear a bathing suit than a bikini. And who says a bathing suit is less sexy than a bikini? Especially the ‘high leg’ models are very sexy (and make your legs look even longer) and a beautiful back also does a lot for you ;).

And, do not forget, for who wants to look a little slimmer this summer, there are bathing suits, which give you that extra hold and just a little more waist.


This is the perfect solution for everyone who does not feel comfortable (or covered enough) in ‘tiny’ bikini bottoms. A pareo is a (rather short) wrap, so it is a kind of skirt. You can buy them as a bikini bottom (so then they are combined with a normal bikini bottom) or you can buy a loose one, which is a good option if you want some coverage when you are going to get some ice cream for example.

Overall, everything can be accentuated with bright colours, prints, ruffles, braids, etcetera, and in order to camouflage parts, dark colours can do a lot for you.

But, more important, enjoy the summer!

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i love bikini


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hi every bady i like this photos


June 26, 2010 at 12:49 am

Wow lotsa choices! Thnx and now i’m gonna go to da pool!:)


June 30, 2010 at 12:22 pm

c super


July 7, 2010 at 1:56 pm

ihate taylor swift


July 7, 2010 at 1:58 pm

i live in a world full of fantasy but in that world every thing means more to me


July 11, 2010 at 3:25 am

me hate bikini


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