Summer Accessories

After three blogs on summer trends of fashion for women and one for men, there is only one thing missing: a blog on accessories. The good thing of accessories is that they can make your outfit more you, more fashionable, and different from the last time you wore it ;). The summer of 2010 has a couple of trends when it comes to accessorizing.

1. Huge Jewellery

Try to make a statement with your jewels. ‘Bigger is better’ goes for this season, such as big necklaces and bracelets or long earrings. If you only have small and modest jewellery, don’t wear any at all.

2. Small Shoulder Bags

No more huge, ponderous shoulder bags and shoppers: The small shoulder bag is back. Choose a small bag in a bright colour or one that is decorated. This size of bag might be a relief for the shoulder and back, but the trouble is that much more will have to be left at home.

3. Pink

This summer, many accessories are pink. Bags, shawls, bracelets, etcetera are all in the range from powder pink to bright pink. A glamorous look requires a patent leather bag, as Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted with.

4. Ankle Boots and Peep Toes

When it comes to shoes, there is not much news to be seen, but there was already more than enough to choose from :). Two trends that are must haves are the ankle boots and the peep toes, and of course a combination of both.

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Tina Grey

May 19, 2010 at 12:17 pm

I like this new.


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