Jeans: too many choices?

Jeans are no longer simply a pair of denim trousers. Nowadays, they are available in many shapes and sizes. The newest trend in Hollywood is the boyfriend jeans, which simply does not do any good for my figure, and before that, the skinny was absolutely hot, which does suit me. However, when taken a better look, it turns out that there are many, many types of jeans. How confusing. What is the perfect pair of jeans for your figure? Find out.


The most important thing about jeans (and other pants) is the length. They should be just a little above the ground, but rather too long than too short, for then it looks like there was either not enough money or not enough time to find a fitting one. Additionally, well… nobody wants to look as if prepared for high water ;).



This is the ‘normal’ type of jeans with legs that are just as wide around the thighs as they are around the ankle. The give the illusion of long(er) legs.

For: everyone.


This is the type of jeans that is tight around the upper leg and gets wider towards the foot. This is the perfect sort of jeans to wear with a pair of boots underneath because it does not show of the leg of the boot, but it also looks great with other kinds of shoes, such as sneakers, pumps, or flats.

For: everyone, for it makes the upper leg smaller and the calves a little bigger.


Skinny jeans are very tight, both around the upper and lower leg. This is the perfect type of jeans to wear with pumps or in your jeans.

For: girls with normal to long legs because skinny jeans make you look smaller than you really are.


This type of jeans is based on the male jeans and is therefore a little loose-fitting. Best is to wear these jeans with a feminine touch, such as pumps or a tight shirt, to soften the ‘maleness’ of them.

For: girls who do not have a lot of hip, for this type of jeans creates extra hip.


Baggy jeans are the jeans with a very loose fitting and a crotch that is hanging lower than with other types of jeans.

For: skinny to regular size girls, for these jeans give you extra body.


This is the type of jeans that originates in the 70s and has real wide pipes. When you wear this kind of jeans, make sure that they have the right length: about 1 to 3 centimetres above the ground. If they drag over the floor, the jeans will ‘lose’ their shape. If they are too short, they will be just flapping in the air.

For: everyone who dares to wear such an eye-catching jeans (be aware that these jeans might make you look a little podgy if you are small).

But, most important is of course that the jeans are comfortable to wear and that you feel good in them!

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February 8, 2010 at 2:53 am

omgg i tried boyfreind jeans once,and theyre soooo not me,im all skinny jeans and nothing else at ALL, loose is just not my type :)

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