The Magical ‘20th Birthday Princess’ Button, Part 3

Last week, I met this guy in a club, who might not entirely remember me… So when I had not heard anything from him after a while, I left a little message on his Facebook. Just a little reminder and from here on, it was his turn. Would he react? Nice. Would he not try to get in touch with me? His loss. ;)

But he did. He added me to his list of friends. I was surprised. Not only at the fact that he remembered me, but also at him actually making a move to get in touch with me. I know this might sound a little weird, but after some ‘not so good’ experiences with guys and their lack of taking initiative, I had kind of lowered my expectations.

Anyway, we left some notes on each others’ Facebook pages and one of them was about clubbing that week. He was going on Thursday and I might go with my friends on Tuesday. Might… for it was not sure yet and in the end, we did not go because we had made other plans. Besides, it was not like he was going to be there. Right?

The next morning, I had a new message on Facebook: ‘Where were you? I must have overlooked you.’ Whoops… he had actually been there. I felt a little bad, but I also felt flattered ;). Besides, I would probably just see him some other time and until then I am just going to have lots of fun with my friends!

To be continued…

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