Why is it so hard to find a good guy? And why is it that the guys that like me are never my type? When I look around, I see many guys that are nice but no more than that. And the few guys I might actually really like are mostly not the types you want to start a relationship with. How complicated is that :P?

And then there is the problem of going over and talk to them… :S That is not one of my strongest points, so I always hope that the cute guys are coming over to me ;)… Haha, how realistic is that? NOT :P…

If you want to find out whether a guy might be interested in you too, you could make eye contact. But then the question is: who is going to take the first step? I always try to bear in mind that the guy is naturally having the same ‘problem’, for he is not sure about me liking him either.

If he is (or at least seems) worth it, I am willing to take the chance ;). But then he really has to be worth it. Then I follow one of the lines of Cheryl Cole’s new song: anything that is worth having is sure enough worth fighting for ;)!

To be continued…

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future mrs. bieber

June 22, 2011 at 6:33 pm


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