Extremely Hot Guy (EHG)

High school is both heaven and hell for most of us. Difficult tests, bad hair days and being clumsy are not that much fun to me. On the other hand, high school also has its good sides: friends, fun, and of course… guys!

The first two years of high school were a bit of a nightmare, which were only lightened up by friends. I went to a small high school in my hometown and especially first-formers were seen as doormats. It all changed when I had to switch high school to continue my education. It was a much nicer high school and there were many cute guys.

I remember this one guy. He was very hot and so I thought him to be out of my league. We did not know his name so we gave him the nickname ‘EHG’: Extremely Hot Guy (yes, I know‚Ķ but we were young). After two years, he graduated and left high school. I never thought of him again until I saw him in a club in my hometown a couple of weeks ago!

The years in between had made me stronger and more courageous, but I still could not find the guts to go over and talk to him. He was surrounded by friends and one of them was a girl. What if she was his girlfriend and I was trying to hit on him? That would be an awkward moment. Just before closing time, he left and after all these years I still had not spoken to him. He turned out to be still out of my league… Or not?

To be continued…

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