EHG: Extremely Hot Guy, Part 6

Yay! EHG is not only back, but we are also going to meet. How exciting! If you had told me about five years ago that I was going to have a date with EHG someday, I would probably have laughed you in the face and attested you insane… How surprisingly can life takes its turn ;)? Isn’t that fantastic? To actually see something you have always believed to be impossible becoming reality. It certainly proves to me that life is full of surprises :D!

Anyway, we were going to meet last Thursday in the afternoon (just after class). Unfortunately, my day did not start off very well, for it was icy outside and I slipped… Twice :S. The first time was in the morning as I was walking to the university. I simply wanted to go too fast (I was not that early ;)) and then my foot slipped, but luckily I could grasp a windowsill. To my surprise I was not ‘hanging’ very long on the windowsill because there had been walking two guys behind me of which one guy simply picked me up and put me on my feet again. LOL… :P I had not seen that one coming (both literally and figuratively :P) and I was completely flabbergasted (which I am not very often :P).

The second time I slipped was nearly in front of the university. How embarrassing :S! This time there was no guy to lift me up, but luckily my friends were so kind to help me. Strangely enough, I could not be bothered since nothing could ruin my day (or at least hardly anything).  I had something to look forward to ;), even though it took a long time before our date to start.

When I sat there in the pub waiting for EHG, I could only hope that it would be fun, that he would be fun. To be honest, I went there without any expectations since I am down-to-earth enough to realise that one cannot be very disappointed then. I was just hoping that I had not been putting him too much on a pedestal because then he would certainly fall short. Would my image of him collapse? I simply did not have a clue, but I did know that it could be three things:

-      He was not nice and then I would leave :P.

-      He was nice, but that would be all and then I would have gained a friend.

-      He was very nice and then he would get a chance from me to knock me off my feet ;).

Then he walked through the door with a big smile. Maybe this was going to be fun after all.

To be continued…

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September 10, 2012 at 6:40 am

Гонялись (и гоняются) коды вида Numeric Weather Simulation. На x86_64 это Infiniband кластер, а на IA64 это SGI Altix 4700. Дровишки — из конторы которая поменяла dropped “e” в своем логотипе.

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