EHG: Extremely Hot Guy, Part 4

After last week, I decided to have fun with my friends and so I did. Maybe I would see this guy in the weekend, but it was not like I really had to. I did not go clubbing last weekend, so I did not see him anymore. But then I realised that it would not take very long anymore before EHG would be back :) and to mix up things would not be that handy and perhaps also a little unfair to either one of them (eventually at least).

When I was on MSN last Wednesday, I suddenly saw something very exciting: EHG WAS BACK :D!!! And even better: he was online ;). He had come home the day before and of course I had to ask him how his holiday had been, for I was very curious. And as I already expected, he had had a great time.

We chatted for hours on MSN (again without any awkward silences :P) since we had so much to talk about after six weeks. I, for instance, kind of had to confess that I had been writing a column about him‚Ķ I considered it to be better if he heard it from me than if he found it out somewhere else. So I asked whether he had a good sense of humour, before I copy-pasted the links… How was he going to react :S?

To be continued AT VALENTINE’S DAY (just for once an extra edition ;)).

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June 25, 2011 at 3:55 pm

A good many vualables you’ve given me.

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