Where do all the celebs go on vacation?

Up for some celebrity spotting this summer, then pay attention! During summer, most Hollywood stars take their well needed, and well-deserved peace and quite time. Like Eva Longoria, who loves to fly to bounty islands like Bora Bora or the Maldives together with her hubby. Are you more a surf girl, then there is a good change you will run into Cameron Diaz pretty much every where you can surf and play in the ocean, rumour has it she will visit the popular French spot Biaritz for some water sport this year..

Up for a party with the Kardashian sisters? Visit the always sunny and fabulous Miami! Good chance that Lindsey, and Hilary will be there as well, all grown up now the ladies know how to party!
The New York ladies and Gentlemen of course will be found in the wonderful Hamptons, a bit outside of Manhattan. Leonardo di Caprio- and yes ladies he is single again after his break-up with Bar Rafaeli, is a big fan. Together with Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel and the family Cruise…
So get your sunglasses and lip-gloss and go check them out! Make sure to report back to us when you see them!

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