Olsen Twins in a fight!

The Olsen Twins, unfortunately not still the little two cute babies we know from the sit comb ‘Full House, are not handling the fame that well anymore. Mary-Kate and Ashley, who build a worldwide imperium with their names related to them: clothes, barbies, cd’s, toys and so on, have made a fortune of 800 (!) million dollars over the years and now it appears they have to pay for it.

Mary-Kate who has been worried about Ashley for years because of her eating disorder, has been getting more movie offers than Ashley has, and this makes her pissed-of. Of course Mary-Kate can not help this, for being happy, healthy people tend to cast you much earlier for movies, than when you are unhappy and too thin.

I think the twins will be fine in a while, Ashley just has to learn to wish her sister the best and to appreciate the good things in life, such as sisterhood and love.

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August 28, 2010 at 11:17 pm

you ar sou cool

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