Kidnap-fear: new Hollywood ‘Trend’

Nowadays, hardly any celebrity leaves the house without a small army of well-trained bodyguards. Unbelievably huge amounts of money are spend on security and other safety measures, such as armoured cars and huge fences and surveillance cameras around their houses. Safety first.

But apart from the fear of happening something to the celebs themselves, a new fear has arisen: the fear for kidnappers. Nicole Richie has it. She is terrified that someone will kidnap her children and has therefore increased the level of security around her children Harlow (2 years old) and Sparrow (8 months old). Whereas Nicole used to love bringing her children to gym class herself, now she does not take any risks anymore. Since some celebrities were being robbed at the beginning of this year, Nicole started to realise that her children might be in danger too. Nicole and her husband Joel Madden made ‘some’ security improvements on their house of 180.000 Euros.

But Nicole is not the only famous mother with the fear of her children being kidnapped. Also Victoria Beckham believes her three sons to be real targets for kidnappers. The Beckhams spend 80.000 Euros on a weekly (!) basis on security and a surveillance team around their house, and the police of Los Angeles have a special team to keep an eye on the Beckhams.

It is clear that these two mums do not take any risks when it comes down to their children.

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