Hollywood’s Holiday Houses

Most of us are already happy with a simple nice cottage by the sea to spend our holiday, but the jet set of Hollywood wants a little more luxury when it comes to their (mostly bought) holiday houses. After all, they spend ‘at least’ a week a year there :P.

The Beckhams’ ‘Haunted House’

St Vincent Manor is a 19th century estate in the French town Bargemon. The estate is in Italian style, has fountains, a swimming pool (of course), and the ghost of an ex-owner who committed suicide there.

The house costs 1,7 million Euros and is approximately 8 days a year inhabited by the Beckhams.

Brangelina’s Chateau

At Chateau Miraval in France, Angelina wants to offer her children the most normal life possible… with a castle moat, a forest, a lake, 20 fountains, 35 bedrooms, 7 Jacuzzis, a studio, a gym, a spa, a motocross track, and a helicopter spot.

The house costs 39 million Euros and Brangelina and kids spend circa 18 days a year there.

Julia Roberts’ Cliff Castle

Actress Julia Roberts beach house in Malibu, CA... Pix by SC/Flynet 2008

Julia’s summerhouse in Malibu, California, has its own tennis court and cliff. Beneath the cliff is a private beach.

The house costs 14,8 million Euros and Julia and her husband live there 34 days a year.

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July 27, 2010 at 2:57 am

That house is big I would loveeeee to live in that.

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