Are the celebs really real?

Seeing beautiful celebrities on tv, in magazines, movies and online it is sometimes difficult not to feel insecure. They all look so perfect and happy! They have the beautiful, trained bodies, the perfect skin, nice hair and the designer clothes. But is it all real?

Some things to remember when you’re looking at these pictures:

  1. Remember that the pictures that are shown to you, have been Photoshopped. That is done with a computer program that can change everything about the person on the picture. It gives them the perfect slim body, flawless skin, shiny hair and full lips, and can pretty much change everything what the celebrity likes.
  2. Most of the celebrities (Like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez) are working with ‘body stand-ins’: these are women whose body is showed in movies, instead of the bottoms, breasts ore legs of the actress. So when you think you are looking at the gorgeous body of Cameron ore ‘jenny from the block’, it is more likely that you‚Äôre looking at the body of someone else!
  3. Try not to forget that the it’s the job and lifestyle of celebs to look, talk, walk, dance and act beautiful. It is all they are supposed to do, and so going to the gym every day, getting manicures and pedicures, beauty treatments and hairdressers appointments is part of their routine.

Wouldn’t you look like a star yourself if you would have that life every week?

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March 3, 2012 at 12:27 pm

This is bullshit. Most of the bad pctuires were taken at bad angles or using different lighting.And yes I did lol at Miley Cyrus.But shes just fuckin’ ugly.

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