Different taste in guys

My girlfriends and I, we have such different taste when it comes to men: like my girlfriend Carice, she is totally into surfer dudes- you know them: blond, blue eyes, always ‘chill’ and ‘relaxed’ except when they are near an ocean or sea.

And my other friend Jenny: she loves the ‘posh’ guys, wearing Tommy or Ralph blouses, a fancy jeans or trousers and already knows that he will take over his fathers company. Apposed to yet another friend; Naomi who loves the more rough and bad guys wearing leather jackets and have a little bit of a beard.

For me I don’t really know what type of man I like- it depends on the way I feel, and where I am. When it’s hot and sunny outside and I’m walking along the sea and a hot, surfer guy walks by, I cannot say that I will not be interested.. But when I’m getting a coffee at strarbucks and in font of me in the line is this very tall, dark, green-eyed guy wearing a suite- well I would say yes to having a cup of tea with him aswell!

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