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Barbie Love Make-Up

Hi girls! We have a new and fun game for you to play! It is called ‘Barbie Love Make-Up‘ and in the game you can give a beautiful girl one hell of a make over! Before you can put on … Continue reading

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11 Hot Celebs You Didn’t Know Are Currently in College

There’s nothing more attractive than a celebrity who takes time for their studies. Work is important, but so is getting an education. (We learned that from Natalie Portman a long time ago.) Going to college is a crucial step in a person’s … Continue reading

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Dress Up Winter Fairies and Elves

Hi girls! I’ve got one of our latest games for you today! It is a game about fairies and elves, who doesn’t love them? I would personally love to be a fairy or an elve, especially because I would be … Continue reading

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Non-Beliebers Petition to Deport Justin Bieber, Revoke His Green Card

Millions of Justin Bieber‘s Beliebers may still support him through his latest ordeals, but there are about 70,000 people (and counting) who have had enough of his antics. So much so, that they’re rallying to get him taken out of the United States. … Continue reading

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Find the Differences: Snow White

Hi girls! Have you played our latest game yet? If you are into Fairy Tales, you certainly will love this game! In this game called: ‘Find the Differences: Snow White‘ you need to find the differences between two pictures. The pictures … Continue reading

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7 Fans Who Got Plastic Surgery to Look Like Celebrities

    We’ve seen fans go to outrageous lengths to show their dedication to their idols. Some bleach their eyebrows (i.e. Miley Cyrus’ Smilers); some cut their hair (i.e. Justin Bieber’s Beliebers); heck, some even permanently ink themselves. But as far as extremes … Continue reading

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Three Sweet Babies

Hi girls! This new year brings lots of new, fun, and exiting things to us! An example of such a new and fun thing is this game. The game is called ‘Three Sweet Babies‘. Just like the new year is … Continue reading

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Jennifer Lawrence Almost Died on ‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ Set!

Disaster may have been averted, but that didn’t stop my stomach from dropping to myankles over this news. The adorably neurotic American girl crush known as Jennifer Lawrence almost died on the set of the next ‘The Hunger Games’ film, ‘Mockingjay.’ Whoa. … Continue reading

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10 Best Dressed Celebs. Who’s Your Favorite?

Hi girls! It is their day to day job to look the best on the red carpet. Celebs like to stand out with their outfits, and while there can be a load of mismatches I’ve found some great outfits for … Continue reading

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Christmas Fashion Friends

Hi girls! Everybody knows Christmas is around the corner! And when it is Christmas, everybody wants to look their best to impress friends and family. The same goes for the four friends in our newest game ‘Christmas Fashion Friends‘. They … Continue reading

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10 Young Celebrity Moms

While some people like to wait until their a little older to expand their family, there are those who just can’t wait! Case in point? Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars had kids at a pretty young age, even while their … Continue reading

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Tessa’s Cooking Ratatouille

Hi girls! There is a new game for you to play on our site. It is a cooking game, and it has some new tasks! The game is called ‘Tessa’s Cooking Ratatouille‘. Ratatouille is a French dish, but there is … Continue reading

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5 of Taylor Swift’s Most Embarrassing Excuses for Not Having a Boyfriend

It’s not exactly a shocker when Taylor Swift talks about dating and relationships. Heck, she’s practically dated all of young Hollywood. (The latest is supposedly hottie Douglas Booth. Sigh.) But, after a recent interview with Hello! magazine, I’m noticing a pattern with the 23-year-old singer — girl … Continue reading

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Super Shopping 2!

Hi girls! Don’t you just L-O-V-E shopping? Well, I sure do, and I hate it when the shops close at night! So I was very happy to see our newest game! Now I can keep shopping even when I should … Continue reading

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Miley Got Rid of Her Eyebrows!

Something tells me that you’re not ready for this jelly just yet (’cause I certainly wasn’t). Since it’s been a pretty quiet few weeks in regards to Miley Cyrus — she only went nude ONCE in November, guys — I was starting to think … Continue reading

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